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Wonderland Sno-Trails

Burnett County Snowmobile Club Map

Click image to see full Burnett County Snowmobile Club map

This says it all...  PLEASE stay on the trails!

Click the image above to see the full Burnett County Snowmobile Trails (including some of Polk County)

Trails Are CLOSED

Closed at Midnight 3/31

From December 1 through March 31 you may operate your snowmobile on state-funded winter trails when a 4-inch groomed snow base is present and trails have been officially opened. Snowmobile trails are marked with orange blazers.

More about Trails

Trail conditions are GOOD to FAIR.  The recent rain and warm temperatures have degrated conditions, but the groomers are out each day and the base is good in most places.  Heavily used sections in sunny areas are exposing some bare ground.

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